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From our experience we have found that the sizes often required for typical jobs are as follows:

Bathroom Renovation – 3 – 4 cubic metres

Kitchen Renovation – 4 cubic metres


Unit – 3 cubic metres

House – 6 cubic metres

Deceased Estate – 15 to 30 cubic metres.

When in doubt it is probably best to order the larger size bin.

Please note there are other considerations also such as access to your site, ie. driveway width etc.

How do l order a bin?

It’s easy – just fill out our online enquiry form or phone our office on 02 9453 3822 and a member of our team will be happy to assist.

What CAN l put in the Bin?

All general waste including:
Household waste, furniture, building and construction waste, steel and metal, soil and dirt, building and demolition waste such as asphalt, tiles, brick, concrete, timber and green waste, metals, plasterboard, plastics, paper and cardboard, rubble, sand and soil

What CANNOT be placed in the bin?

Food waste
Gas Cylinders / Fire extinguishers
Liquid Paint, oil, fuel, chemicals, hazardous waste, batteries
Asbestos, fibro, Styrofoam, old insulation

What size Bin do l need?

We have bins ranging from 2m through to 12m. Please click on the link to see the range and dimensions of
our bins that will give you an indication of how much waste each size will take.

How much waste can l put in the bin?

Each of our bins are labelled with ‘DO NOT FILL ABOVE RIM’. Any waste over and above this will result in extra charges.

How long can l keep the bin?

Bin rental is for 7 days only (the collection date is automatically computer generated). Should you require the bin for longer, this can be arranged, however please note that additional costs may be incurred.

Do l need council permits or permission to place the bin?

If the skip bin is placed on your property, you do not need permission or a permit. However, if the bin is to be placed on public lands, nature strips or driveway lay backs you will need to check with your local council to see if you require a permit. Different councils have different regulations, please click on the link to your local council to organise your permit (if required).
If you have any concerns or questions, please do not hesitate to contact our office.

How do l arrange for the bin to be collected?

Simply call our office – 02 9453 3822 and we can arrange the collection of your skip bin.

How & when do l pay for the Bin?

Payment is due when the bin is collected. Methods of payment include Cash, Credit Card or direct deposit into our bank account.

How is my waste recycled?

Once your waste is picked up by one of our trucks, the waste then goes through a process of waste sorting and resource recovery at a licensed facility. We are extremely conscious of the impact on the environment and our aim is to reduce the carbon footprint as much possible.

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